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Why Choose Us?

Lightning Fast Monitors

We have extremely fast monitors ensuring you never miss another restock! Including Off White, Mesh, Footsites, Shopify, Mr Porter and NET-A-PORTER, End, Supreme, Nike, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Skateshops and custom AIO sites. As well as bot Twitter and Instagram profiles + so much more!

Raffles and Sitelist

We have a dedicated bot which posts ALL raffle sites for every major release. It also posts FCFS releases and times.

We also provide all members with exceptionally detailed guides for all major releases!

Groupbuys & Giveaways

At Notify Squared we offer frequent giveaways and Groupbuys for some of the highest demand bots!

Exclusive Info & Plugs

We have a SNKRS Plug, instore US plug for cities, sources to provide general stock numbers and exclusive information for sites like Kith, YeezySupply, Travis Scott store and similar and a backdoor plug who provides members with the highest demand shoes for prices well below resale!

Ticket Reselling

We have a moderator and category dedicated to ticket reselling, providing guides, exclusive information and support and what ticket events to go for to make profit. Members can also take advantage of our Browser Spoofer bot in order to ease past Ticket waiting rooms and cop tickets!

Alternate Reselling

To maximise the profit our users can generate monthly, we support multiple reselling areas beyond the usual. These include, amazon cooks, deals and price errors, a hot wheels mod, who is an expert at analyzing the hot wheels resell market, and a "lowkey cooks" section, which guides our users to profiting from hyped artwork, toys and similar.

Brick Reselling

We have a moderator who dedicates his time to identifying shoes that are not heavily limited, and may can be in stock at multiple retailers, but that can be resold for a profit. This can be from copping the correct sizes, or copping with discount codes to allow for a margin of profit.


We're partnered with @KicksRaffleBot to bring our users monthly groupbuys for one of the best raffle bots on the market. We're also partnered with @FattyeXtension to ensure our users can always cook with the best autofill tool on the market. We also have partnerships with the best proxy providers on the market such as @spaceproxies_, @BlankProxies and @SurgeProxies, and get our users free and discounted proxies - but we also receive regular groupbuys for other top providers.


Information, made easy.

Providing you with valuable information in the fastest way possible.

Specialist Support

Our team is full of experience, helping you
every step of the way to ensure success.

Instant Notifications

Don't miss a thing. We instantly notify you
with incredibly value information.

Exclusive Information

We have connections to provide members
with info not available to the public.


Providing our members with a variety of useful tools.

Auto Link Opener

You can connect this tool to our monitors to automatically open the password and page links for bot restocks to save precious time


Squared Tools consists of a One Click Generator, Proxy Generator and Universal Shopify Account generator. We'll also be adding more features soon!

N2 Winner

N2 Winner automatically enters Twitter giveaways for all accounts you follow, winning you loads of freebies. Simply leave it running all day and it will do the rest for you

Browser Spoofer

Effortlessly pass any waiting room queues, splash pages or similar with our Browser Spoofer bot

Companion App

The pocket tool bursting with features and unique tools exclusive to Notify Squared members! The companion app is the perfect iOS assister for your reselling needs

One click gen

Stop wasting time with captchas

Add Task


Generating One Click...


Still have questions?

What are the requirements to join Notify Squared?

Notify Squared uses a Discord server. Discord can be accessed on all web browsers and also through the desktop, macOS, iOS and Android apps. This means everyone can easily access our service. We also offer a variety of in-house tools and bots which work on both MacOS and Windows.

How much is Notify Squared?

Notify Squared is currently priced at $35 monthly and is an automatically recurring payment that can be cancelled at any time via our user dashboard

What payment methods are accepted?

We use Stripe to process all payments, meaning we accept all major credit cards. You can find out more here:

How do I join Notify Squared?

We let new members in via occasional restocks. Make sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts and turn post notifications on to find out when we next restock!